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has been cancelled due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Those who have booked will be refunded.

Date: 1st to 3rd May
Venue: Kindilan Outdoor Education & Conference Centre
Cnr Days & German Church Rd, Redland Bay

Pilgrimage 2020 Date Claimer Flyer.jpeg

The venue this time for our pilgrimage is Kindilan at Redland Bay.

Kindilan is located in a peaceful natural setting and will lend itself to opportunities for hearing God’s Word, for reflection, personal spiritual growth and encouragement of each other in this Christian Community, just as in our Cursillo weekends.

This quote from well-known and respected Jesuit Priest, Chris Gleeson, has been a guiding influence in the development of Pilgrimage weekends in the Brisbane diocese.

‘All of us are on two journeys in life. There is the outer journey we make as citizens of the world, but it is the inner journey to the heart which is far more important, takes longer, and is more challenging. What better way to be transformed by the journey than to walk with Jesus Himself?’
Chris Gleeson SJ

Whilst based on Cursillo principles, this Pilgrimage is open to non Cursillistas as well, so feel free to advertise it further afield.

We hope that many will join us on this weekend. There’s plenty of room!


Bookings now cancelled. Those who have booked will be refunded.

For further details, please contact Sue Ellis 0407 179 107

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