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The first question people ask when looking for information

about Cursillo is "What Is Cursillo ?"

A simple explanation that most Cursillistas give,

is that Cursillo is a "meaningful religious experience"

So how is this achieved and will it work for me?

Every person is unique and different.
Not everyone comes away glowing about the Cursillo experience,

however 98% of people attending a "Cursillo 3 Day Weekend", do.


Cursillo was originally started in Spain in the early 1940's.

 It did not develop by accident. It began when a group of Catholic men educated themselves

to bringing the young people of their city to know Christ better.

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Nearly 80 years on, the system is still as respected for those wanting

a closer relationship with Our Lord

What Others Say
The Cursillo Chook
Brendon Fiander

A Young Person's Perspective

My name is Brendon Fiander,

I attended my Cursillo (Mens 78) at James Byrne Highfields

in July 2018.


My Cursillo experience was an unexpected one.

I went there not knowing what to expect and not knowing anybody. BUT as soon as I rocked up on Thursday night with my sponsors, the atmosphere was so warm, welcoming and wonderful.


The food was amazing.

Friday morning was when the talks started and I had no idea what the HOLY SPIRIT had installed for me.

My walk with God before Cursillo was weak, but the HOLY SPIRIT dived into me on that weekend and in many ways has changed my life forever.


I made a lot of friends on that weekend some of them in my small group others just talking to by phone / FB also through this weekend

Work opportunities and missionary opportunities are continuing my growth with the Lord.


The activities were fun and involving and it made me feel a part of a family. I would be recommending it to other young adults looking to grow there walk with the Lord

The Cursillo Chook

Comments from women of W79 Cursillo:-

I didn't know what to expect from W79 , but what an amazing experience it was to witness what the Holy Spirit can do. 

A big thank you to the wonderful team of W79 for your commitment, presentations, love and support. We were truly blessed and felt very special. I'm still feeling the love.

W79 truly was a journey of faith and love. We were "companions on a journey", this remarkable group of women, walking together with Christ amongst us throughout training and our 3 days. The deep, heartfelt insights and experiences shared, were a testament of how God was working in us and through us all, to grow the communion of Cursillo.

I loved the welcome and the support of my sponsors. It was truly a week-end soaked in love.

I was absolutely blown away by the depth and speed of connection between candidates and team. It was as though we all arrived hungry and ready to receive something special - and we did! We went from introductions to deep sharing, questions and wondering within the first 24 hours - and God truly blessed us in our time together.

The fruit of the Spirit is evident in my W79 Cursillo. From early focus on the application process, now I can see how God was ahead and in all the actions to bring to kingdom fruition my Cursillo. Work leave, home care (pets and husband), travel without a sponsor, room/team allocation and bonding to move from strangers to family, laughter, prayer support through a personal tragedy, ongoing liberation from self-doubts and negative habits. JOY! While I have colourful reminders to encourage my Ultreya, it is the observation of a colleague that encapsulates my ongoing change. As we left from a week of slamming workload, she said, "You are so calm. What has happened?" Cursillo has been the turnaround, the spiritual experience and education to bring essential change in me, and to my environment. God was always present, but now I am conscious of this, and call on him to make me His instrument, using His armour to stand and witness to Him right there.

“Going to the chapel and we're gonna get married. Going to the chapel and we're gonna get married. Gee, I really love you Jesus and we're gonna to get married. Going to the Chapel of love.” The singing of this song was so spontaneous. God moment! W79 member

Image on Laptop

Quote "What a Wing Ding"

A few months ago, I was invited to "visit with friends"  for a few days at a future date. I thought that that seemed like a "nice" idea, and accepted the invitation. 

Days, weeks passed, and I was reminded of my acceptance, and I would ask with mild interest: "Oh  yeah, That's right. - What was that for again?" to be  assured that it was: 
"Just a bit of a get- together to catch  up with things."

"Oh, That's right, I remember." was my usual response, and I would go on with what I was doing, relegating the invitation to the recesses of my mind reserved for such things as social obligations to friends who usually  wanted me to fix something once I actually made it to  their place. 

The weekend didn't loom large on my horizon at all, and  I busied myself with all the usual trappings of life,  taking on a few things too many, and committing my  time heavily.


All of a sudden, "That weekend" was imminent, nay even impending! – Oh, I had so much to get finished!

So many things which "HAD" to be done.

Why couldn't thatget- together be postponed, put off, some OTHER weekend, 

NOT NOW, sometime when it was "more convenient"??? 


But the gentle but firm insistence of the one who first invited me, prevailed, and I was packed and on my way  despite my own misgivings.


What would happen to ....  ???, What about .... ???, Who will .... ??? - My protestations were all met with a simple,  "They'll get done / still be there when you get back / you might get  some new ideas / the break will do you good." 

Naturally, my internal response was more like "Yeah,  right! - 
I KNOW who is going to have to work his backside off NEXT week!" 

But, I went along with it, - "I might as well TRY and at  least relax for a bit, I HAVE told others that I was going away for a  few days, at least they have been warned." 

WELL! That "bit of a get-together" was a HUGE understatement!!!! 


God's Son threw a party, and what a party it was! - In fact, it was SUCH a party that I think the piece of cake I was given to take home and share, will NEVER run out! 

What a wing-ding do it was, too - we laughed, we cried, we talked long and often, we just sat and listened to our heartbeats, we sang loud and long, we watched the sun rise.  


Just like a bunch of old mates at a reunion, and that's about the closest thing I could liken it to. 


Jesus and I did a whole heap of catching up.

He asked what I had been up to lately, (as if he didn't know ! - I'm sure He just wanted me to think a bit!),


He told me a little of His plans, and even a little of how I could help. - And yes, "Mine Host" DID have something for me to fix! - MYSELF! - And He was going to help ME so that I could help Him. - What a great deal. 


Anyway, I've got to do a bit more work on myself, and my Helper is awaiting. - Got to fly! 


Just remember - If you ever are lucky enough to receive a similar invitation, GRAB IT! - IT IS A REAL TREAT!  WEEKEND TO REMEMBER FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! 


Name of letter writer withheld to maintain privacy.

Alan Monaghan

M63 Brisbane - Anglican Parish of Waterloo Bay

Cursillo is the best thing I've ever done. I recommend that everyone in the church should do it.

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