March 6th 2021

Theme: Plugged in

41 people attended in person and about 18 including 1 from Thailand) zoomed in Online to the Warwick Ultreya. 

Sue Cruickshank was the witness speaker. She attended Women's 79 Cursillo weekend at Brookfield in 2019 an recounted what a wonderful experience of God's love it was for her. She has had to face many challenges in her life but the steadfast love of God has sustained and encouraged her through it all. A truly inspirational witness talk. Thanks Sue. After the Ultreya an afternoon tea was enjoyed on the verandah of the old rectory.


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November 21st 2020

Theme: ONwards and UPwards

54 people attended in person and about 50 from all over Australia (and 1 from Thailand) zoomed in Online to our our Diocesan Ultreya. The parish of Freshwater at Deception Bay hosted this Ultreya with our second attempt at in person and Zoom together. There was lots of joy & singing before our Witness Speakers, Gay & Rob Clark regaled us with tales from their epic overseas trip to get home at the start of COVID. Ports and borders were closing all around them and uncertainty and anxiousness abounded. Throughout it all God peace gave them calm assurance that all will be ok while others were getting worried. Thanks for your inspirational story. Bishop Cameran response encoraged us all to not just focus on the 3 day weekend but on our fourth day and our continuing walk with God. Retiring Secretariot and Servant Community members were decommissioned and new menbers commissioned. Also the M80 and W80 Lay directors were commissioned, Max McLelland and Merilyn Greensill both from Hervey Bay parish.



Kangaroo Point

August 29th 2020

Theme: Give Thanks

About 30 Cursilstas attended in person and about 50 from all over Australia zoomed in to our our 4th Online Ultreya. The parish of Kangaroo Point hosted this Ultreya with our first attempt at in person and zoom together and it all came together wonderfully. There was lots of joy & singing before our Witness Speaker, Maria Dunn told us of her journey tthrough a dark plaae and her return to the church arriving back like the prodigal son. Thanks for your inspirational talk Maria. Some comments. "Thank you for a wonderful uplifting experience. Loved the songs.". "Thank you to all who brought this Ultreya to us through Zoom. ",

"It was a wonderful Ultreya.
St Mary's was beautifully presented and the sound was really good"

"What a wonderful event. Congratulations, we all enjoyed sharing the love of our Lord.
Many thanks to Maria for sharing her inspiring story. So glad her life is happy again."




July 18th 2020


Theme: Everything Is Holy

About 100 Cursilstas from all over Australia atteded our third Online Ultreya and was declared a great success!. The parish of Waterloo Bay hosted this Ultreya on behalf of the other bayside parishes of East Redlands, Manly and Wynnum and it all came together wonderfully on Zoom. There was lots of joy & singing before our Witness Speaker, Jim Cosgrove told us of his journey to the priesthood in the Catholic church as a 17 year old. He related how he wasn't really mature enough at that time. He did his cursillo in the Catholic church. Later in life, he became an Anglican Army Chaplain. Thanks for your inspirational talk Jim. Some comments. "Thank you for a wonderful uplifting experience. Loved the recorded songs.". "Thank you to all who brought this Ultreya to us through Zoom.  Lovely to see my Cursillo friends.",

"Thank you for a wonderful spiritual time. Congratulations to everyone!"

"It was great to sing , see you all and thanks for everything. See you next time. I really appreciated the talk and response."


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Toowoomba Far West

June 13th 2020


Theme: Let All You Do, Be Done in Love

Over 100 Cursilstas from all over Australia and even 1 from Thailand atteded our second Online Ultreya and ws declared a great success!. The parish of Toowoomba West hosted this Ultreya and it all came together wonderfully on Zoom . Bishop Cam led the way with a “Welcome” message to all participants.
Next there was lots of joy & singing before our Witness Speaker, Tracey Gummow from the Far West MWAMA based in Mitchell. Tracey gave a very powerful message to all of us on love and how her life had been affected by the lack of love and abundance of unconditional love, especially the love of our Lord.


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North West Brisbane

May 23th 2020


Theme: Come as You Are

Over 100 Cursilstas from all over Australia and even 1 from Thailand atteded our first ever Online Ultreya. The parishes of Ashgrove, The Gap, Samford and Grovely spent months planning this Ultreya but due to COVID-19, it looked like they were going to have to postpone it. Until DLD Alan Gray said to them, "Why don't you hold it online". After a lot of hard work and a bit of stress it all came together wonderfully on Zoom. We all sang along with the live musicians in the comfort of our own homes. Witness Speaker Marion Ireland recounted her remarkable life and how God has blessed her along the way. Her Cursillo experience came along at just the right time for her. Thanks Marion for and inspirational talk and for the whole team for pulling this all together.


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March 14th 2020


Theme: Be a Light to the World

32 cursillistas gathered at St Mark’s Warwick for a BYO lunch followed by the Ultreya. Sharon Payton, our witness speaker, shared how she and her husband rely on the Lord. She has utilised her gifts in her Parish, by running a speaking course. Sharon and her husband also run a ministry called “Movie with a Message”. Making her Cursillo was one of her best life experiences. In her spiritual reflection, Reverend Lizzie Gaitskell spoke to us about being a light to all. 
Alan Gray, Diocesan Lay Director, shared with us the list of upcoming events, highlighting the Pilgrimage in May.
The songs chosen were to match the theme. Some of us could sing them, others had some difficulty. But we had fun.


Fraser Coast

February 8th 2020


Theme: The Word of God Stands Forever

78 people from all over the Diocese attended this Ultreya at St John's  Anglican Church at Hervey Bay The Witness Speaker Dianna Roper told us how The Word of God Changes, Sustains and Empowers us. She recalled a time when her husband was an army chaplain and an army couple's son had comitted suicide and she ministered to them. The Holy Spirit provided the comfort and strength for them through her. She encouraged us to take time away to listen to the Word of God. Take someone with you and let God do the work  Take the risk and God will provide. Thank You Dianna for sharing your inspiring story.



November 23rd 2019


Theme: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Over 60 people from all over the Diocese gathered at St Mark's  Anglican Church at Daisy Hill for the Diocesan Ultreya. The Witness Speaker Shawn Slade  told us he didn't see himself as fearfully and wonderfully made but that was how God see him. He shared his story about how he has opportunities share God's message in his job as a Truck Driver instructor. The story about how you taught a deaf woman to drive a crash gearbox 22 tonne truck was was inspiring. Thank You Shawn for sharing your story.



November 2nd 2019


Theme: Discipleship

Peninsula Cursillistas hosted over 40 people from all over the Diocese at The Church of the Risen Christ Anglican Church at Deception Bay. The Witness Speaker Trevor Andrew shared his story about how he was brought up in the church but turned away. When his mother was diagnosed as terminally ill he moved to Qld from Sydney to be by her side. He learned his parents had been praying for him all those years. He decided it was time to go back to church and found a wonderful welcome at Freshwater Parish. But he still had a fear of God. On his Cursillo weekend God spoke to him and told him not to be afraid. He has not looked back since and is involved in Men's ministry in his Fourth day Thank You Trevor for sharing your story.



October 19th 2019


Theme: Giving & Receiving

Highfields Cursillistas hosted over 40 people from all over the Diocese at St Anne's Anglican Church. The Witness Speaker was Sally Turnbull who shared her story of her life and how she was always giving and ministering to others. Due to her recent illness she has been unable to continue this and now it was her receiving the gift of being ministered to. It was an inspiring talk of how God is in the midst of suffering to bring hope and comfort. Thank You Sally for sharing your story.

Highfields 2019-04.jpeg


July 6th 2019


Theme: Changes

Chinchilla Cursillistas hosted over 30 people from all over the Diocese at St Cecilia's Anglican Church. Witness Speaker was Angela Slack who shared her story of her life growing up in the church. It was an inspiring talk of how her grandmother would pray every day instilling the virtue of intercessory prayer in Angela. Thank You Angela for sharing your life story.



May 25th 2019


Theme: All Are Welcome

Logan Cursillistas hosted over 50 people from all over the Diocese at St Marks Anglican Church at Slacks Creek. What a great day it was. Witness Speaker was Jan Sarie who shared her story of "Welcome". It was an inspiring talk of how Jan felt loved within the Church especially after her husband had passed away. Thank You Jan for sharing your journey.

20190525_Loga Ultreya3.jpg

Gold Coast North

April 27th 2019


Theme: The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

Gold Coast North Cursillistas made us
feel very welcome as they hosted around 40 people from all over the Diocese.

Witness Speaker was

Marilyn Pappas who gave an inspiring address about how her son struggled through a custody access battle for their grandson and she didn't see her grandson for 4 years but her faith held strong and access was granted fortnightly.

A great day  of joyful singing, praise and worship of our Lord was had by everyone who attended.



March 9th 2019


Theme: Come As You Are

Warwick Cursillistas made us
feel Welcome as they hosted around 40 Cursillistas from far

& wide

Witness Speaker was

Jen-Rose Holmes who gave an inspiring address about how her life changed after the loss of her husband in the early 2000's and the influence of Cursillo when she made her Cursillo in 2017

Rev'd Heather and Bp Cam gave beautiful reflections to Jen-Rose's Witness Talk


A great day was had by all  

Warwick Ultreya March 2019.jpg
Frase Coast


9 February 2019.

Theme : Water

about 40 people enjoyed uplifting singing, inspiring talks and delicious afternoon tea at St Paul's Maryborough.

The church was decorated beautifully with blue and white balloons and water features.