A Message from Our Diocesan Lay Director
Brisbane & Southern Queensland Anglican Diocese
Alan Gray

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January 2020

Whenever the 31st of December comes around, we all experience hope 
and expectation of what the following year will bring.
Yes, that New Year is 2020, not just any year but it is the turn of the decade.

Before I go on to outline my hopes and expectations for Cursillo for the next 3 years, let me reflect on the sad loss of our recent Diocesan Lay Co-Ordinator, Margaret Siebenhausen jnr. My role, as your DLC has come one year early due to Margaret’s illness and passing. We have lost a passionate Cursillista, someone who loved our Lord as front and centre in her life. We will miss you Margaret.

When taking on an important role like this one, every new leader has their own imprint of where they want the organisation to go. My leadership will be no different. Over my 71 years, I have always been involved with organisations that served others. e.g. school P & C’s, Cancer Fund, volunteering for the Church, you get the idea. There is joy in knowing you are helping others.
Even though my life was full of activity, inside, there was an always something missing.   

Then came a magic Cursillo 3-day weekend in 2001 in Newcastle named Men’s 27.
From having a life where there was always something missing, to having my Lord as part of it.
For the past 19 years, I have never looked back.

So how does this translate into Cursillo Southern Queensland for the next 3 years?
People are not numbers, they are human beings with feelings, emotions, family, work and many other components that make them who they are. It would be fair to say, that the statistic of 98.25% of people attending a Cursillo 3-day weekend, have a positive experience. 

Yet sadly, many have had no contact with anything Cursillo since that time. 
This is no-one’s fault, however the Cursillo Movement has to do better to keep Cursillistas in the loop. The next 3 years will see innovation & initiation of systems to help Cursillistas stay in touch through regular communication, events & opportunity to share your skills if you wish.
The Joy of Cursillo shouldn’t be kept to ourselves, the world needs to know about it.

If reading this as someone who is thinking about attending a Cursillo 3-day weekend, or you are a new or seasoned Cursillista, your 2020 Cursillo Secretariat Team is ready for the challenge.

De Colores

0425 288 985


For people reading this who have not yet experienced a Cursillo 3-day weekend
Cursillo is a Lay driven, worldwide movement, originating in Spain in the late 1940’s, 
promoting the growth of Christianity via a successful formula.
Some Spanish Cursillo word explanations 
  Cursillo              means Short Course, usually held over a 3-day weekend    
  Cursillista          is someone completing the Short Course
  De Colores        translation is “of the Colours” – spreading light that illuminates              
  Fourth Day        every day after the 3-day weekend – keeping in contact, sharing with others
  Group Reunion  small groups, regularly meeting to discuss their Christian journey
  Ultreya               means Onwards and Upwards – used to invite Christians from any Parish to meet.