~ A Message from the Diocesan Spiritual Adviser ~

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ
We are now in a new liturgical year. What does this mean to you? As human beings, I believe, we need new beginnings. Look at the events we celebrate. New Year’s Day is all about cleaning the slate and starting again. Birthdays are about celebrating our beginning and specific birthdays, eg 13, 18, 21, are about entering a new stage of life. House warmings, weddings, baptisms, I could go on.
The interesting thing is that every new beginning means the end of something and as we celebrate new beginnings, most endings are a time of grieving. Again the grief is relative to our perspective.

I share this understanding of beginnings and endings because our faith is about a new beginning in God and seeing an end to the old life. Like all new beginnings and endings, they are only as important as we want them to be.

Cursillo is about giving understanding and rejoicing in the new beginning. Many do not see it because they are not ready to let go of the old life. We look for those who have forgotten the joy, or not experienced the true joy of life in faith.

Let us begin the year looking for those whom God is wanting to fill with the joy of new life.

De Colores

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