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~ A Message from the Diocesan Spiritual Adviser ~

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ
I have been remiss in my writing and apologise to you and to the producers of On Wings. My gifts lie in talking not writing and sometimes I need a prod to get things done.
Strangely during the events brought on by Covid 19, I have had to adapt and change. Some say it is a challenge, but where I am in my faith, I call them opportunities.
I share this because I believe knowing oneself is part of the journey of our faith. Life is the place where we are tested, shaped and grow. We look at the things we do, but they are also the places to see ourselves. As we reflect with God, we look to be shaped into the image of Jesus. To live out the life God calls us into. To embrace the gifts and deal with the difficulties. Some we can change, others we live with. In all we seek God, the perfection of our faith.
Our Cursillo community has also been tested in this time. To understand our ministry and purpose, to continue offering a place for us to encourage one another and to see the body of Christ in the wider church. These struggles are opportunities to look at Cursillo and to grow.
Just as the Camino provides opportunities to see ourselves and God so the Camino of life can do the same thing. It should not scare us, but excite us, because it provides a place for us to depend on God and to come closer to God. To go onward and upward.
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