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to Cursillo Southern Queensland (Brisbane) Diocese

Part of an International Lay Christian Movement

Endorsed by the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane

The Latest Happenings

Prayer from the National Spiritual Advisor, Rev'd Jane Lamont 

Prayer for June 2023
Matthew 19:14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of h
eaven belongs to such as these.”

Father of all Creation, we pray for the children of this world.

We pray for those children who have never known a day of safety and security in their lives, only days of warfare, bombardment and destruction. May they know your peace.

We pray for the children who have never experienced sufficient nutrition to grow strong, only lives of ceaseless hunger and want. May they know full bellies.

We pray for the children suffering drought having only filthy water to drink. May they drink at the fountain of your living water.

We pray for the children of the world who have lost their families, who rely on strangers and charity to survive. May they be provided for and surrounded by your love.

We pray for children who are badly treated and abused, sold and trafficked as commodities. May they be freed to live their lives in the safekeeping of your love and grace.

We pray for children who are denied and education. May they find truth and direction in your word.

We pray for the healing of the sick children. We pray for the frightened children. We pray for the lonely and bullied children. We pray for the children living in poverty

We pray Lord for those who care for your little ones -  families, groups such as World Vision, Save the Children Fund. Unicef, The Smith Family and others who love, nurture and protect and advocate for your children

We pray the child within each of us, encourage us to continue to delight in the small things of life, a dragonfly’s lustre, the mystery of a seashell. We pray that we too can find time to play and have fun, away from the cares and responsibilities of being a grown up.

And may the heartbeat of God for his children echo on until that day when all is put right and our hearts beat as one.



Our next online zoom GROUP REUNION is on Wednesday 7 June 2023 at 2pm. Please join us if you wish. Stay connected with Cursillista friends and don’t forget your Group Reunion Card. Open to all Cursillistas.

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Diocesan Lay Director
Marg Carr

Checkout latest news from Cursillo in Southern Qld

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Who to Contact?

Diocesan Lay Director Marg Carr

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On Wings Like Eagles


Lent-Easter 2023


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Did you know we have our own Facebook Group now?

This private group is for all who have attended a Three Day weekend and giving Cursillistas the opportunity to share Cursillo happenings in parishes.  Click button to join

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The Camino

Toowoomba West Priest conquers 900 km Trek 

Rev. Pauline Harley and her husband Peter walked the Camino between April & June 2019 

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Pre Cursillo 

All About the Role


Pre Cursillo

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Servant Community

All About the Role


Servant Community

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The Next Ultreya

Toowoomba West Ultreya


10 June 2023

. Ultreya begins at 1pm

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Online Payments

Enquiries to the Treasurer

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Curiousity and Transformation

Loretta Tyler-Moss

Loretta has kindly allowed us to publish her Witness Talk from the Diocesan Ultreya

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Applying to attend

So you'd like to attend a Cursillo Weekend?
There's a process to go through

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ACMA Snippette

The Guidelines

on how to

Sponsor a Candidate

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Post Cursillo

All About the Role


Post Cursillo

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