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Men's 81 & Women's 81

Change of Venue from James Byrne Centre

We have received advice from the Catholic Diocese of Toowoomba, they have closed the James Byrne Centre until 31st Dec 2022. This came as quite a shock as our forward planning for Men's & Women's 81 in August-September this year was well in place.


The reasons for the closure were not given, however a subsequent phone call revealed the facility was closed due to COVID in January, so maintenance was considered during the shutdown. Cost estimates were substantial. This led to discussion on the venue's usage relevant to the Catholic Mission. The decision is with the Bishop as to their way forward..


At this late stage it is hard to find venues that haven't already been booked.


Our Lord guided us in our search to another Christian venue called Mount Tamborine Conference Centre, (MTCC). They have several venues on an acreage site but the one most suitable, and available is Camp Tamborine.


Here is a link for you to check it out.


Overview in a nutshell,

    Women's 81: Date remains the same 8th to 11th September 2022.

    Men's 81: Date had to change to 15th to 18th September 2022


Accommodation is all on second floor, except for 2 beds on lower floor for disabled.

   You will see each room has bunk arrangements but only the lower bunk has been

   considered when determining numbers.


   Communal showers & toilets upstairs and separate toilets downstairs


 BYO everything.

   Main Meals are being catered for however we ask help from Cursillistas with cakes,

   slices and finger food for morning and afternoon teas & the Sunday afternoon gathering


   Sheets, pillows, blankets, (sleeping bags), towels, etc. are not supplied so Team &

   Candidates will need to supply their own.



   We have made arrangements for the beds vacated by New Cursillistas and Team, be

   available for anyone who need a good nights rest on Sunday before travelling home.


No Alcohol Policy     

   This facility is operated by a Christian organisation that has a no alcohol policy.

   We respect their rules.


Mount Tamborine  

Mount Tamborine is an attractive village between the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Full of good things to see, places to go, restaurants and cafes.

If you are bringing Candidates, or just coming to so support them, why not consider staying at one of the many venues at Mount Tamborine,

Here is a useful link,


Thank you Lord for making this suitable venue, Camp Tamborine, available for our Cursillo Weekends this year.



Your Secretariat Team 


New Women's 81 and Men's 81 Detail

Women's 81

Theme: "Clothe Yourself in Jesus Christ"

   Kay Self - Lay Director

   ‭0410 630 755‬


8 to 11 September 2022

   Camp Tamborine

   237 Beacon Road

   North Tamborine 4272




Men's 81

Theme: "Sent by Our Lord"

   Nick Crisp - Lay Director

   0481 356 844‬


15 to 18 September 2022

   Camp Tamborine

   237 Beacon Road

   North Tamborine 4272

Zoom Group Reunions

Cast you mind back to your own Candidate Cursillo, there was talk on the importance of the Fourth Day, in particular Group Reunions. With today's busy lifestyle, often it is difficult to find the time to meet, and also we don't know who to meet with.


Your Secretariat is trying to tackle this problem on both fronts using modern technology.

On Wednesday 1st June at 2:00pm Marg Carr, the leader of our Servant Community, is holding our first Zoom Group Reunion.


We are all fairly familiar with Zoom, but in case you are not, here is all you have to do.

Click this link below

When you start to see other people on the screen, be sure to turn on your video & audio.


Looking forward to the start of something good.

De Colores

Your Secretariat Team

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